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Employment Permit + Residence Permit

The absolutely legal, most reliable & fast way to migrate to Ukraine

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Working in Ukrainian company gives a foreign citizen reliable grounds for getting a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. Residence permit allows to reside on the territory of Ukraine, grants multiple entries and simplified border crossing procedure during the validity of the initial work permit. Additionally, family members of the foreign citizen are able to receive temporary residence permits as well.

Fees Structure & Steps:

Advance payment:


The Work Permit on your name issued by the State Employment Centre of Ukraine

300 USD

After your documents approved:


As soon as you receive the copies of your documents

200 USD

After you arrive to Ukraine:


The temporary residence permit on employment basis

200 USD

Package price: $700


1Employment on the basis of a job offer and work agreement

The work permit application is filed by the Ukrainian company intending to hire a foreign citizen. The employer should be able to demonstrate that position can’t be covered by Ukrainian citizen due to qualification, professional level and experience of the foreign citizen. An employment agreement should be signed as a part of the work permit application procedure.

2Company registration with a foreign citizen as a main shareholder

Actually having a company registered in Ukraine doesn’t allow to get work permit/residence permit, but as a main shareholder foreign citizen has a privileged right to occupy position of the company director or a managing employee. On the basis of this right work permit is granted by the State Employment Center.

3Employment at the subsidiary company/representative office

Ukrainian subsidiary/representative office controlled by foreign companies or nationals, generally enjoys the same legal rights as legal entities without foreign participation. Such company, with minor limitations justified by national interests, may enter into agreements, assume legal obligations, acquire property, as well as use foreign labour on the territory of Ukraine.

Work permit application is reviewed by the specially created commission at the local employment centre. Commission includes representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Intelligence Service, State Border Control Forces, State Tax Administration etc. Decision on the issuance of work permit is usually granted within 20 days from the date of the documents submission.

Extension procedure should be started three months before work permit expiration, but not later than 1 month before the day of expiry. A properly issued work permit is a ground to register employee’s place of temporary residence and to obtain a temporary residence permit.

If you don’t have any obvious reason for work permit – our specialist will advise you on the possible variants

Our company offers you the opportunity to arrange all immigration documents competently and in the shortest time, even without your personal presence. Obtaining residence permit in Ukraine in cooperation with our lawyers becomes quick and easy. Your documents will be properly arranged and timely submitted to the Migration Service of Ukraine.

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Company Registration + Work Permit + Residence Permit

The absolutely legal, most reliable & fast way to migrate to Ukraine

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