When it comes to studying medicine abroad in English, medical schools in Ukraine are one of the best destinations. Students from all over the world are attracted by medical studies in Ukraine due to very low living cost, tuition fees and high quality of medical studies.
Graduates of Ukrainian medical universities are of high demand for their fundamental knowledge and excellent practical skills.

All international students obtain a study visa to enter Ukraine. The student should submit the original Invitation and admission letter to the Ukraine embassy when applying for a visa.

Successful graduation of the course will give you the opportunity for the enrolment to the University Bachelor or Master programs.

Place of studying and living is the city of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. (Kiev city is the administrative, cultural and scientific center of the country, home to many high-tech industries, well-known companies, higher education institutions and world-famous historical landmarks. With the population of 3.5m Kiev is the 6th largest city in Europe).

Documents required for submission to the Ukrainian embassy:
  • International passport valid for at least for one year after visa expiration. Allow at least one empty page for the visa;
  • Original invitation letter and it’s photocopy (both sides);
  • Original of school-leaving certificate with transcript of marks and their photocopies with translation into Ukrainian language;
  • Health certificate and its photocopy issued no more than 2 months + a certificate confirming HIV / AIDS negative status;
  • Original of birth certificate and it’s photocopy with translation into Ukrainian language;
  • Original of medical insurance (+ photocopy) covering medical aid and valid for one year;
  • Original of a sponsorship letter in a form of a court affidavit signed by the sponsor personally; it has to contain: a full name of a sponsor, his/her address, telephone numbers, e-mail, and obligation of a sponsor to cover expenses (stating sum of expenses) of an applicant;
  • Photocopy of the sponsor’s passport or National Identity Card;
  • Original of sponsor’s bank statements for the past six months; minimum amount should be sufficient to cover all applicant’s expenses during his/her first year in Ukraine (tuition fees and daily expenses);
  • Any other documents which can support your application (transcripts from university, letter of appointment, letter from employer, payslips, ID cards, photographs, receipts etc.).

Originals of birth certificates, school-leaving certificates and medical certificates must be legalized by the relevant Ministry of foreign affairs.

It’s your responsibility to prove by any means your genuine intention to study and not to violate immigration rules of Ukraine. We recommend bringing for the visa interview any documents you can suggest to support your application.

Documents required for crossing Ukrainian border and passing Migration control:
  • International passport with “D” type visa and passport’s certified translation;
  • School certificate properly legalised and translated into Ukrainian;
  • Health certificate and certificate confirming HIV / AIDS negative status;
  • 10 photos should be recent and good quality (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm);
  • Sponsorship letter + photocopy of the sponsor’s passport and bank statement (minimum amount should be sufficient to cover all expenses during your study in Ukraine;
  • Invitation letter

Our service includes full support getting Ukrainian student visa. We will also obtain your 1-year residence permit just after arrival. Our fees also include a 8-months stay at student’s dormitory (also called “dorms”). Rooms in dormitories are suitable for 3-4 roommates. Private bath/toilet usually shared among 2 rooms.

Fees structure:


Foundation course lectures and seminars (Ukrainian language)

1100 USD

Invitation letter for D (04) type visa

400 USD

8-month stay at the student’s dormitory

550 USD

Registration at the State Migration Service

100 USD

Obtaining temporary residence permit for 1 year

100 USD

Medical insurance covering medical aid, valid for 1 year

100 USD

Airport meeting, border clearance, transfer, settlement, coordination meeting

400 USD

Package price: 2750 USD

Course admission is open all year round. If you are group of people or an individual wishing to join a group, your invitation letter will be prepared within 3-5 business days throughout the year. Classes are held 5 days a week, 3-5 hours a day.


* Your application is subject to review by the coordination board.

** We will get back to you shortly after receiving your inquiry with more details on application procedure.