Visa Processing:

Where do I have to apply for visa?
At the nearest Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate. List of Embassies of Ukraine is here. Check here main tips on passing visa interview.
What guarantees we provide?
We guarantee that all documents we provide you with are legal, authentic and prepared according to Ukrainian Travel and Immigration rules.

Our company is a licensed travel operator providing complete visa support. We are registered and based in Kiev, Ukraine.

Pay attention, that final decision regarding your visa application is made by a Ukrainian consulate in your country — so it’s your responsibility to provide all additional documents required. We can send copies of the documents to a consulate, but we do not deal with the consulate on your behalf.

What delivery methods we use?
We use different delivery methods, depending on the shipping destination of your package and urgency.

Aramex is our preferred carrier, but you may also choose Federal Express (FedEx), DHL Express (DHL) or United Parcel Service (UPS). Expedited shipping options are also available for rush deliveries.

Before shipping, we will send you scanned copies of all documents by email. Tracking code will be provided.

Does the price include delivery?
All prices mentioned on this website do not include delivery costs. It’s calculated separately depending on courier and urgency. Please contact our support to find out more details.
What payment methods do we accept?
Currently, you can pay using Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, WebMoney and point-to-point cash transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

More payment options will be available in the future.

How long in advance should I apply for a visa?
Processing timings vary at different embassies/consulates in different parts of the world. So that you are able to make your trip as planned, you are recommended to apply for a Ukrainian visa approximately 5-6 weeks before you intend to travel.

Some embassies/consulates allow for walk-ins while others allow by appointment ONLY. Also, except for the long-stay visitor visa applicants, you can’t book an appointment for more than 6 weeks in advance.

How long will my visa take to process?
Visa processing by the embassy usually takes about 3-5 days. However, it can take as long as 7 to 14 days for citizens of certain countries.

We recommend you get started early in order to have enough time to receive inviting documents, fill your application etc.

What to do in case of visa refusal?
If an applicant has been denied a visa, the consular officer will give the applicant a letter explaining why the visa was refused.

Visa refusals can be overcome by the furnishing additional information by applicant information that establishes an applicant’s eligibility for the visa. If you believe you have more information and evidence that can help visa officer to make the decision in your favor, you should reapply for the visa with all the information and supporting documents.

Most of the cases refusal can be just because of any documents missing or any additional information required by the consulate.

Please contact our support team at to find out how to proceed further

Marriage in Ukraine:

How much time does it take to register marriage application at RAGS/ZAGS? Is there an expedited service available?
Marriage application at RAGS (in Russian ZAGS) requires a minimum of 30 days for processing. Once you initiate the marriage application all your documents/data will be cross-referenced and validated during that 30-day time period. Your marriage will be legal in Ukraine once signed at your scheduled ceremony.

RAGS officials state that in order to qualify for expedited service the applicant must declare a valid reason as to why an advantage should be granted. It has been said that some of the common scenarios are following – “pregnancy issues”, “duration of visa”, “prearranged travel itinerary”, “pending health issues”. All the above issues MUST be defended by submitting legitimate proof to your situation. Expedited services will allow for 3 days to two weeks process duration, depending upon unique situation.

The most important concept to share with you is that each and every different RAGS agency department (according to city) will have inconsistencies and discrepancies pertaining to which issues are deemed a valid concern. Perhaps the best advice to offer if to approach the RAGS officials with most respect and sincerity and show them your willingness to acknowledge their authority and commitment to following the rules.

Is the marriage ceremony obligatory to get marriage properly registered?
To get a marriage certificate you must perform the official government ceremony (a few minutes with the person in charge), sign the papers, pay the fees and now you are officially married. This is not a church ceremony, which is optional, and takes place after the “real paperwork” is done at the office.
Can I marry Ukrainian woman if I'm already married?
Polygamy is legally forbidden in Ukraine. In order to register your marriage in Ukraine, you have to provide a Letter of non-Impediment to marriage, which can be given to you only if you are not married at the moment of issue.
Changing the family name, is it required?
Persons entering into a marriage have the right to choose the family name of one of them as the common family name of the spouses or to keep the family names they had before marriage. They also can add the family name of each other to her/his family name. If they wish to have a double family name, they have the right to select whose family name will be the first in the double name, and whose name is the second. Combination of more than two family names is usually not allowed unless it is a custom of their national minority.

If the family name is already double by the date of marriage, he/she has the right to replace one of the parts of his/her family name with his/her name.

Marriage dissolution
Current Ukrainian legislation provides administrative and judicial order to dissolve a marriage; marriage can be terminated upon an application of one spouse or their joint application. Upon application of one spouse, it is possible to terminate the marriage through administrative procedure only if the other spouse is recognized missing or incapacitated. The administrative order of dissolution can be applied also when spouses submit a joint divorce application. Such a procedure is admissible if the couple has no children.

In all other cases, a judicial order is applied. In this case, the date of divorce is the date of the court’s decision.

Immigration to Ukraine:

How long is D-type visa valid?
Notwithstanding that the name of the D-type visa contains the words “long term” this visa is valid for 45 days only as it serves as a transitional document based on which the residence permit is obtained. Once residency permit is granted, a visa type D will “transform” into a multiple entry visa by virtue of the visa holder traveling with his or her residency permit along with his or her passport.
What industries employ foreign citizens in Ukraine?
Foreign citizens are mainly employed in the construction, manufacturing, trading, pharmaceutical and the agriculture industry as well as the financial sector.
What are the types of employment/work visas?
An employment/work visa (D-type) alone does not give a right to work and stay in Ukraine. The foreign citizen must also obtain work and residence authorization. The type of permits is determined by factors such as nationality, company type, payroll location, job position as well as other various information.

For local employment by a legal entity foreigners must generally obtain:

  • work permit
  • work visa(D-type)
  • temporary residence permit
  • address registration

For employment by representative office foreigners must obtain:

  • service card
  • invitation letter
  • work visa(D-type)
  • temporary residence permit
  • address registration
How can I get an employment/work visa (D-type)?
After the work permit/service card is issued (based on your employer’s request), you must visit a Ukrainian consulate in your home country in order to apply for a single entry visa (D-type).
How long is D-type visa valid?
Notwithstanding that the name of the D-type visa contains the words “long term” this visa is valid for 45 days only as it serves as a transitional document based on which the residence permit is obtained. Once residency permit is granted, a visa type D will “transform” into a multiple entry visa by virtue of the visa holder traveling with his or her residency permit along with his or her passport.
Can I apply for a D-type visa on my own?
You will need your company’s support in obtaining a work permit/accreditation card before you can apply for an employment visa. Furthermore, in case your visa application is based on an accreditation card, an invitation letter from your host company is required which must be verified by the Ministry of Economy in Ukraine.
What documents do I need to submit for D-type visa?
The standard documents required to obtain an employment visa are a passport, photos, application form, health insurance and notarized copy of your work permit. Additionally, your company will have to provide various supporting corporate documents.

Legalized diploma and a criminal record certificate from a country of residence are required for the work permit process.

How long do I have to wait for my papers to be processed?
The complete immigration process make take up to three months, therefore assignments should be planned well in advance. Authorities can shorten or extend processing times according to their requirements.
Where can I check on the status of my application?
You can follow up with the authorities were application was submitted: labor office for work permit, Ukrainian consulate for visa, State Migration Service (SMS) for a residence permit and ZhEK for residence registration.
Can I come to Ukraine on a tourist visa to search and apply for jobs?
You can search for jobs on a tourist visa, but in case you find a job you must return to your home country to apply for a work visa.
How can I transfer my employment visa from one employer to the next?
A work permit is issued for a specific employer and position as well as the residence permit, therefore upon change of employment both permits must be canceled. New work permit, visa D (outside of Ukraine) and new residence permit must be obtained, based on the new employment.
Can I apply for a residence permit having parent/spouse working and living in Ukraine?
Parents/spouse/children are able to accompany the main traveler by obtaining a long term visa based on the working spouse’s temporary residence permit and legalized marriage/birth certificates. Based on the long term visa an application for a temporary residence permit can be filed.

Volunteer Programs in Ukraine:

What are the advantages of Volunteer Program in Ukraine?
  • continuous stay in Ukraine for 12 month, free in-out entries, prolongation available
  • possibility to get Schengen visa from inside of Ukraine
  • financial services in Ukraine (cards, accounts, credits, loans etc.)
  • free healthcare & medical treatment (according to legislation)
  • discover employment, education & business opportunities of Ukraine
I plan to study in Ukraine. Is it Volunteer programs suitable for me?
Volunteer program is a good chance to discover Ukraine whether you plan to study in Ukraine or moving here temporary/permanently.
I do not need a visa to travel to Ukraine for up to 90 days. Am I still required to visit the Ukrainian embassy?
In order to obtain residence permit of Ukraine all nationalities are required to get migration visa (D-type) in advance. No exceptions.
Is Ukraine a part of Schengen Zone or European Union?
Not yet. Ukraine has already acquired associate membership & visa-free regime with the European Union and clearly expressed its desire to join the EU & Schengen Zone.
Will I be offered job/salary for participation in a Volunteer project?
Nope, volunteer project is noncommercial activity. You should care about your accommodation & living expenses by yourself.
Can I work in Ukraine being a volunteer?
Obtaining residence permit as a volunteer doesn’t allow you to get official employment, but it’s a good chance to discover Ukraine & it’s opportunities.
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