EU countries close borders & limit the consular operations

EU countries close borders & limit the consular operations

European countries started closing their borders on Saturday as alarm rises over coronavirus.

Schengen zone members Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Cyprus, Malta, Slovakia, and Lithuania are restricting the entry of foreigners in defiance of Brussels’ warnings to coordinate emergency action.

The Consular Sections of all European countries limit the operations due to the COVID-19 emergency.

Effective from 16th March (Monday) Consular Sections will not be accepting new applications (including those via VFS centers). Applications lodged till 13th March (incl.) will be processed according to the standard regulations. All interviews and appointments are canceled until further notice.
Passport and decision collection will take place each day between 3 – 4 PM. Requests for reconsideration of the case will be accepted at the same time frame. Appeals for negative decisions for applications lodged via VFS will be accepted according to the regular rules.

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